Monday, 27 April 2015

[REL] GTA V Overflod Entity XF

Overflod Entity XF from GTA V converted and edited to GTA San Andreas by M4k3. 
Original model and textures: Rockstar Games. 
There are 2 versions of this mod: ImVehFt version and SA styled version. 

-Replaces Bullet by default. 
-Custom collision, flat shadow and LOD. 
-GTA SA styled reflections for both versions. 
-GTA SA styled numberplates. 
-Damageable parts with scratches. 
-Tuning parts support. 
-Template for paintjobs. 
-Adapted for SAMP. 
-Mip-mapping for some textures. 

ImVehFt version: 
-Requires ImVehFt 2.1.0 (fully working lights, working steering wheel, brake hubs, custom colours, GTA IV styled dirt). 
-Detailed interior. 
-3 car colours support (body/no secondary color/wheels/windows tint) 
-Active Dashboard 3.2.1 support (speedometer, tachometer, gauges, odometer, digital clock and a window cleaner). 
-Paintjobs can be transparent. 

SA styled version: 
-Supports (not requires) ImVehFt. 
-Low DFF and TXD sizes. 
-GTA SA styled scratches, lights, window damages (textures from vehicle.txd). 
-Paintjobs cannot be transparent (must be without alpha channel).

Saturday, 11 April 2015

[REL] Vapid Venus (Vapid Interceptor v2)

Vapid Venus (Vapid Interceptor v2 civillian) from GTA V converted to GTA San Andreas and edited by M4k3. 
Original model and textures: Rockstar Games. 

For GGMM users: 
If there are problems with textures in GGMM ignore them. It works perfectly ingame. 

-Replaces Elegant by default. 
-Custom collision, LOD and flat shadow. 
-GTA SA styled reflections. 
-Custom settings. 
-SA numberplates (work correctly). 
-Damageable parts with scratches. 
-ImVehFt version: ImVehFt 2.1.1 support, Active Dashboard support (speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges, digital odometer and digital clock) (optional), 3 car colours support (body/-/wheels/windows tint), detailed interior. 
-GTA SA styled version: ImVehFt support (optional), lower DFF and TXD sizes, SA styled lights, scratches, unlocked TXD. 
-Template for paintjobs. 
-Tuning parts support (doesn't crash if you install any part in TransFender) 
-Works in SAMP. 
-Textures with mipmapping.