Saturday, 21 February 2015

[REL] GTA V tuning parts + updated cars

So its the time to release tuning parts pack.

GTA V tuning parts pack for GTA SA.
Spoilers, exhausts, lights, hood vents, wheels and some textures by Rockstar Games.
Nitro bottles, roof scope, small (oval and square) hood vents and some textures, GTA V tuning parts converted by M4k3.

This mod replaces the existing tuning parts with new ones from GTA V.
Some of them were made from scratch by me because GTA V doesn't have these parts.
I also included tuning wheels from GTA V too (17 only, no new additional wheels).
There are 2 versions of the pack:
-Version 1
-Version 2

The only difference is that version 1 has recolourable wheels (3rd car colour) and version 2 has
always grey wheels.

-All tuning parts are replaced (excluding exclusive parts for cars like Elegy, Sultan etc)
-SA styled reflections (the same as on my cars).
-Supports ImVehFt (dirt, fog lights flash (no corona, shadow on the ground because of limits)).


Also the next cars were updated and fit these parts (clickable):

All of them support these parts (so you can edit carmods.dat and add the parts excluding Bodhi (yosemite). It supports only bonnet vents and fog lights)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

[REL] GTA V Cheval Fugitive v2.

Ok, I am back. Finally made Fugitive v2.
Cheval Fugitive from GTA V converted to GTA San Andreas and edited by M4k3. 

2 versions: ImVehFt+Active Dashboard adapted version and GTA SA styled (SA lights) version. 

-Replaces Admiral. 
-Custom collision and flat shadow. 
-Custom LOD. 
-Damageable parts with scratches. 
-SA styled numberplate. 
-GTA SA styled version (lower DFF and TXD size, GTA SA styled scratches, glass, lights; TXD isn't locked, should work on SA mobile). 
-ImVehFt and Active Dashboard 3.2.1 adapted version is included too (detailed interior, custom colours, fully working lights, break hubs, working dashboard gauges and steering wheel; textures have mip mapping). 
-Both versions use xvehicleenv128 (UV2 reflection; also known as SA styled reflection) and vehicleenvmap128 (chrome reflection) reflection textures from vehicle.txd. 
-Both versions work in SAMP. 
-1 (3 - ImVehFt version: body -1 ,wheels -3, windows tint - 4) colours support. 
-Template for paintjobs.