Tuesday, 4 July 2017

[REL] Albany Cavalcade I

Albany Cavalcade from Grand Theft Auto V with wheels from Grand Theft Auto IV
Converted to GTA SA and edited by M4k3

Adds new vehicle by default / Landstalker can be replaced.

  • Low DFF and TXD sizes.
  • Works in SAMP.
  • GTA SA styled numberplates.
  • Has visible petrolcap.
  • Custom collision.
  • Flat shadow.
  • Realistic damage model.
  • Can be tuned in TransFender
  • Cavalcade tuning parts from GTA V are included (optional) and can be installed in TransFender. 
  • Works with and without ImVehFt (IVF features: dirt, indicators, reverse lights, fog lights, brake hubs, steering wheel). Adding vehgenbrakehub.png texture from "Alternative textures" folder in vehicle.txd is adviced if ImVehFt is not installed.
  • Realistic enviroment reflection. More intensive reflection textures can be installed from "Alternative textures" folder (use them with GFXhack).
  • Rockstar Games - original model and textures
  • DK22Pac - YTD/YDR/YDD/YFT converter

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