Wednesday, 7 January 2015

[REL] GTA V Vapid Stanier II Pack

Vapid Stanier II pack from GTA V converted to GTA San Andreas and edited by M4k3. 

Includes Vapid Stanier II civillian, Police Cruiser based on Stanier II and Taxi based on II. 
Each of them has 2 versions: ImVehFt (more detailed interior +(optional) Active Dashboard 3.2.1 support) 

For GGMM users: 
If there are problems with textures in GGMM ignore them. It works perfectly ingame. 

All cars: 
-Custom collision and flat shadow. 
-Custom LOD. 
-Damageable parts with scratches. 
-SA styled numberplate. 
-GTA SA styled version is included (lower DFF and TXD size, GTA SA styled scratches, glass, lights, reflections; TXD isn't locked). 
-ImVehFt and Active Dashboard 3.2.1 adapted version is included too (detailed interior, custom colours, fully working lights, break hubs, working dashboard gauges and steering wheel).
-Both versions work in SAMP. 
-Template for paintjobs. 

Stanier II civillian: 
-Replaces Willard. 
-1 (3 - ImVehFt version) colours support. 

Stanier II taxi: 
-Replaces Taxi. 
-1 (3 - ImVehFt version) colours support. 
-1 paintjob is included. 

Stanier II police: 
-Replaces LSPD police crusier. 
-1 (4- ImVehFt version) colours support. 
-4 police liveries (LSPD - default, LSCS, SFPD, LVPD). 
-Custom police lights settings (ImVehFt only - file is stan.eml).


  1. Pretty cool pack. Although it would have been alot cooler, if you had included a classic police lights of the Stainer, which is the one I like alot more than the LED version that you included instead, which LED lights, I'm not really a big fan of them, as they look smaller and way too thin. I always like the classic lights more because they always suit those LAPD-style cars better.

  2. Can someone help me with police car lights??