Thursday, 18 September 2014

[REL]GTA V Bravado Buffalo S (Franklin's Buffalo) 1.1

Replaces: Sultan 
Includes 2 versions: ImVehFt 2.1.1 version and SA lights version. 

TXD is locked due to some reasons. Everything works in game perfectly. If you want to change something - please contact me on my blog or email me. 

-Fixed some mesh bugs. 
-Changed reflections: the car now uses reflection textures from vehicle.txd (xvehicleenv128 and vehicleenvmap128). 

-2 (4 - ImVehFt version) colours support. 
-Custom collision and flat shadow. 
-Custom LOD. 
-Damageable parts. 
-SA styled numberplate. 
-Custom tuning parts + 3 paintjobs. 
-Adapted for ImVehFt 2.1.1: turnlights, breaklights, reversinglights, breakpads, working steering wheel, custom colours, GTA IV styled dirt. 
-Adapted for SAMP. 
-GTA SA styled reflections (UV2 + cubemap reflections).

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