Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DeClasse Burrito 1.0

Declasse Burrito from GTA V converted to GTA San Andreas and edited by M4k3.

Replaces: Burrito
Includes 2 versions: ImVehFt 2.1.1 version and SA lights version. 

For GGMM users:
If there are problems with textures in GGMM ignore them. It works perfectly ingame.

-3 car colours support (IVF version only: 1 - body, 3 - wheels 4 - windows tint)
-Custom collision.
-Flat shadow.
-Wheels don't sink in SAMP.
-ImVehFt 2.1.1 support (all lights work the same way as in GTA V, steering wheel, custom colours).
-Damage model.
-Fully working number plates.
-GTA IV styled dirt.
-4 paintjobs (Bugstars Pest Control, Atomic, Pharte Gas, McGil-Olsen; you can change car colour in all them excluding Bugstars one).
-Custom LOD (long distance object).
-1 extra.
-Template for paintjobs.

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