Sunday, 3 August 2014

Vapid Police Interceptor

Vapid Police Interceptor from GTA V converted to GTA San Andreas and edited by M4k3.

Replaces: SF police car (copcarsf)
Contains 2 versions: ImVehFt 2.1.0+ adapted and ELM (SA lights) version.

For GGMM users:
If there are problems with textures in GGMM ignore them. It works perfectly ingame.

-The car uses 4 car colours (1 - body, 2 - doors and roof, 3 - wheels, 4 - windows).
-Custom collision.
-Flat shadow.
-Wheels work correctly in SAMP.
-ImVehFt 2.1.1 support (all lights work the same way as in GTA V, steering wheel, brake pads, custom colours, police lights).
-Damage model.
-Fully working number plates.
-Fully working dirt (ImVehFt version only).
-2 paintjobs (SFPD and LVPD).
-Custom LOD (long distance object).


  1. como hago funcionar el EML del IMVEHFT ? te presiona alguna tecla o algo ??


    1. I don't understand Spanish. EML = file for police lights used in ImVehFt 2.1.0 or newer versions. Just put it into GTA San Andreas/ImVehFt/EML and it will work when you have the car installed and press H.

  2. Dude, This is amazing, congratulations.

    I had never seen anything like it, I love these mods, AWESOME.

    - Can not you do that when you press a button lights remain static? (for patrolling at night)
    - You can not activate the emergency lights without activating the siren? (ELM type)

    It would be totally AWESOME achieve these things, and even pay for these functions. Seriously, if you want to do I can pay you.

    Speak of version ImVehFt

    1. I mean, if you do that I asked you, i'll pay you.

    2. Uhm about ImVehFt version lights - they can't remain static when you press a button. They will always flash the same way. ImVehFt doesn't have different patterns for lights. All I could do was differently flashing lights and I did it.

    3. Oh and you cannot activate the lights without turning on siren on ImVehFt version. DK22pac made it only that way. I can't do anything about it because I am not a scripter

  3. is there other Police cars that use imvehft ...if there is please leave a link...

  4. Could you create a LAPD Crown Vic with EVF?
    This Mod is Awesome :D

  5. How to use paint sfpd and lvpd? (Sorry for my english)

  6. Сделай пожалуйста нормальную расскраску, когда заменяю TXD, текстура авто белая.

    1. Их и не надо заменять, это покрасочные работы, а не копии txd. Если бы были копиями, то они были бы каждый в отдельной папке и имели одно название

    2. Их просто надо добавлять в GTA3.img и использовать как покраски (либо через клео менять, либо если в мультиплеере, то через команду)

  7. I beg help !
    On my server, you can not see at all wheel arches of the vehicle by which podmianka is useless and I really like . Please remove me zniszczające up wheel arches and Send to your files here or in the mail :
    Thank you in advance. I mean ELM versions . I beg help . :(
    Here you can see what the problem is :