Monday, 8 August 2016

[REL] GTA 5 Dewbauchee Rapid GT

Finally a new vehicle! It's the 1st vehicle since Canis Bodhi without HD interior. Some may ask why did I do that. Well, the answer is - I wanted to save a lot of time. And then you may say: "But the last mod was released like 3 months ago". Well, I've been working on several vehicles at the same time. I'll release the following vehicles soon:

  • Albany Emperor
  • Ubermacht Oracle II
  • Declasse Premier 1992
  • Declasse Premier 1992 Taxi
  • Declasse Premier 1992 Police
  • Willard Elegant
  • Vapid Stanier I
  • Vapid Speedo Classic
  • Vapid FMJ
  • Pegassi Reaper
  • Grotti Cheetah
And here's the Rapid GT

GTA 5 Dewbauchee Rapid GT converted and edited to GTA San Andreas by M4k3.
Original model and textures: Rockstar Games.

 Replaces Euros by default.

  • Custom collision, flat shadow. LOD is from GTA V.
  • Custom settings.
  • SAMP friendly (no sinking wheels, doesn't crash when tuned).
  • GTA SA numberplates. Custom numberplate can be installed with paintjobs.
  • Supports paintjobs with transparency (alpha channel).
  • Realistic damages and materials.
  • Supports ImVehFt (indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, head lights and tail lights).
  • Has petrol cap.
  • Textures with mip-mapping.
  • Tunable in TransFender.
ImVehFt version features:
  • Requires ImVehFt 2.1.1 (the lights + brake hubs and custom colors).
  • Custom reflections (GFX Hack is required).
  • 3 car colors support (primary - body paint, secondary - unused, tertiary - wheels, quaternary - windows tint).
SA styled version features:
  • GTA SA styled reflections, scratches and lights.
  • 1 car color support.

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  1. No funciona las texturas de la vecion imvehft el txd esta daƱado